Stacey calder


Let’s Turn Up The Volume On Your Business!

Time? Money? Influence? Work/Life Balance?

“Business Success” means something very different to each person. Stacey loves helping people work towards and achieve their own version of success. She is as passionate about your goals as you are, some of her clients tell her she’s more so! 

"Stacey offers great support to people and is very approachable and positive about what can be achieved. Give her a call or follow her page. Lots of great tips and coaching if you need it" Kate Fletcher, Warwickshire



 Stacey is an experienced speaker and attends events across the UK and beyond. Stacey motivates audiences with her stories and leaves them feeling inspired and ready to take action. 

She’s also passionate about inspiring young people and loves speaking and running workshops in schools on a range of subjects.

"Stacey came to my school today and inspired an entire year 11 group of female students. She has the gratitude and appreciation of a grateful faculty. George Eliot School thanks you Stacey" Aaron Dudley


What do YOU need be the best version of yourself? Stacey can personally work with you, your company or your team to achieve success in areas such as:

  • Personal Development Days and Team Building Days

  • Planning, Motivation and Accountability

  • Content Creating and Social Media

  • Direct Sales Leadership

"Stacey I would just like to say thank you so much I have already read through the course up to part four and tried a little test with a photo I took of some brownies I made yesterday, that photo has had as many views in less than 24hrs as a product link that got shared via a networking page! I will keep you posted on how my page does from here on as I try out more of your tips" Helen Rollins, Hinckley


Business Community Leader

Helping You Build Your Community

Stacey is well known for building communities both online and offline. She has built several communities during her career having worked on numerous projects and in her own businesses. Her previous business saw her grow a community of business mums from 500 to over 25,000, She has helped a local charity to gain exposure, awards and the backing of the business community by building their presence online and has built up a network marketing group well into it's 1000's. Her latest client see her running an online community of 29,000 business owners. But what does this mean for you?

On a recent trip to Facebook HQ in London Facebook told Stacey "It's not enough to just be online these days, you've got to build a community" something Stacey fully agrees with. Stacey works with businesses, community projects, charities and groups to help them grow their own community of superfans and inturn raise their awareness and help them grow. Her techniques for doing this come from her years of ongoing trainings and learning from the social media giants firsthand. If you feel you could benefit from a bigger more interactive community get in touch with Stacey today.