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Facebook Community Consultation (Day Rate)

Facebook Community Consultation (Day Rate)


In 2018 Stacey was recognised by Facebook as someone who builds and grows great online communities using their platform.

She was one of a limited number of business owners to join their group of Facebook community leaders and has since been invited to their London HQ twice with a further invite to their Dublin HQ in January 2019. Stacey has accessed their training and support as well as feeding ideas from her networks back to Facebook to improve their platform.

Why have Facebook recognised Stacey as someone who builds great communities?

*Maybe it was the fact she grew a networking company for mums in business from 600 to 26,000 members using Facebook groups as branches.

*Maybe it was that she’s built up charity groups in their local areas to have a huge following and in turn supported local people and businesses both online and offline.

*Or, maybe it’s because she runs her own supportive ‘Business Success Network’ full of tips, tools and techniques to help you grow you and grow your business.

Whatever you think helped them with their decision to work with Stacey just imagine having that knowledge in your business. What could you learn? What would change? Do you need more engagement but not sure how? Do you want to be ahead of next year’s trends? Book Stacey today.

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