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Creating Content and social Success Online Group course

Creating Content and social Success Online Group course


Join us for 18 days of online content and social media success. During those 18 days you’ll have tips, tools and techniques from Stacey Calder, recognised by Facebook for her engaged Business Communities and other guest experts.

During the 18 days you will get (and More):

  • The chance to discuss your business and look at the type of content you want to create.

  • Look at where content is needed in your business (what social media/advertising/website avenues you use) and who your ideal client is (and what they want to see).

  • Exclusive training’s received from Facebook at their Dublin and London HQ events.

  • Learn how to create several social media posts from one good piece of content.

  • Find out what type of content works well on which platform.

  • Advice on branding and How to create great Visuals.

  • Learn more about Video and Live Content and Instagram TV.

  • Be provided with key information and must have Apps.

  • The benefits of Groups vs pages and how to build engagement.

  • Tasks and Challenges to help you succeed.

  • Get Your questions answered.

  • Walk away with a month long content plan to get you focused and into action straight away.

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