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I.T & Change Expert

My credentials as an ‘expert’ start with my position as Co-Founder of a successful technology company The Emerald Group empowering businesses to use technology more effectively to reach their goals. I believe they also include my role as Board Director for CWLEP overseeing economic growth priorities and my recent appointment to the West Midlands Combined Authority Digital Board to address the barriers to digital transformation across the region.

If you want to improve or grow your business or organisation, technology is only part of the story. At Emerald, it is crucial we understand the culture of the organisation we are working with in order to implement any new IT solution successfully, whether the business is large or small. And irrespective of business size, we always start small. Surprisingly, I  have learnt the most about how best to understand organisational culture on my own personal development journey. Improvement and growth are about change. And change is always hard. Especially when you are changing you. So I believe if you can change yourself, you can change anything.

“Change happens when the pain of staying where you are is greater than the fear of moving forward.”

My book, The Superhero I was Born to Be (available from November on Amazon / iBooks and on describes my personal development journey from 2015 onwards. Physically, I had lost nearly four stone and looked good for the first time in years. Mentally, my marriage had come to an end and I was finding a new life for myself. Emotionally, my heart needed healing. And to heal first I had to take myself back to a place of pain. I had to move from a place of anger at myself to a place of acceptance. I had to accept what had gone before that had led me to pain at the same time as acknowledging pain was not where I wanted to be. Pain may have been where I was but it was not where I intended to stay.

“There is no magic formula to change. I went to bed one night, said I wasn’t going to be that person anymore, and the next day I wasn’t.”

Change is not a pole vault into the heavens. It is achieved one step at a time. Some steps are bigger than others. And sometimes it is important to pause and catch your breath from the climb. I recommend you look around while you pause. I like to look down and see how far I have come. It’s also important to take great care in your steps. Many times I tried to step too far, tripped, and ended up sliding backwards. And the problem with sliding is I couldn’t control how far back I went. Hopefully now I am better at pausing when I get tired. I definitely listen to myself better. I am always learning.

“Never give up. Even when you are in the deepest, darkest, loneliest corner. Never give up.”

I didn’t say that. Baroness Michelle Mone did. And she addressed over three hundred women that day but she spoke to me. So much so I found her and hugged her afterwards. She reminded me that I am never alone. That I always have me. And me is pretty wonderful. Full of drive to make the world better. Loving and caring and kind. Sure, me has plenty of bad points too but I am so glad I am there. Others may come and go, but I will always have me.

While I am talking very personally here, I use all of this understanding every day in the business world. I use it when Emerald introduce any new technology; when I suggest new projects or investments for the region; when I move people from thinking about what they have always done to what they could do. In order to change any organisation collectively we have to acknowledge that where we are is not where we want to be. We have to take change a step at a time and manage resources without exhausting them. And we have to ensure everyone is on the journey with us.

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