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Rachel Wade

Meet....Rachel Wade

Strategic HR Consultant

For many businesses, HR can feel like a straight jacket – a selection of must-have procedures, policies, and to-dos that drain your time and tie your hands.

Of course, you value your staff, and it goes without saying that you want to avoid costly tribunals. But you find the reams of guidelines frustrating, and you wish you had the freedom to run (and grow) your business, your way.

Sound familiar?

If so, you’re in the right place. That’s because I’m on a mission to change business owners’ perspective of HR.

Instead of being a frustration, I’m here to show you how strategic Human Resources unlocks people power so you can leverage staff to deliver your goals...let me explain…

I’ve worked in HR for over 21 years in all sorts of capacities, starting out as a HR Administrator and then worked my way up to HR Director for an international corporation.

In that time I enjoyed many successful years of troubleshooting and implementing strategic decisions throughout our sites. But I’d always dreamt about having my own business.

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Then one day the opportunity presented itself in the form of a crossroads in my career, which I grabbed. This decision gave birth to the Coventry and Warwickshire-based Opt HR.

Opt HR is an HR Consultancy that operates across the UK.

We combine commercial expertise with HR know-how to empower business owners with the knowledge, direction, and expertise needed to leverage their people resource.

As a result, I can help you:

1.       Embed the essentials

Handbooks, contracts, policies, and procedures are the foundations of any business that manages staff. I can help ensure your basics are clear, complaint, and designed to help your staff perform and your business grow. 

2.       Troubleshoot the problems

People may well be your greatest asset, but the human aspect can be unpredictable! That’s why it’s vital you remain on top of any issues – to protect team morale and standards. I can help deal with everything from disciplinaries, to grievances and dismissals. In short, there’s always a solution that aligns with your company culture and risk tolerance level. I’m here to help you find that solution and then implement them.

3.       Plan for the future

HR is an invaluable growth tool for businesses that are going places. Covering everything from change management to organisational structures and planning for commercial survival in a changing world, I can partner with you to ensure your people strategy supports your financial objectives.

It’s my belief that HR is an asset and a tool, which many business owners overlook or fail to exploit to its full advantage.

When your actions are legally sound (and you understand what you can and can’t do), HR needn’t be a straight-jacket that holds you back. Instead, it can empower you to build a compliant business that works for you and your staff.

It’s why investing in robust HR knowledge and expertise is an easy way to boost your confidence and empower yourself to achieve your goals.

So whether you’re looking for the confidence to take action, or you want trusted advice to align your people policies with your vision for growth, Opt HR can help you move forward.

So look out for my regular column where I share my expertise around a wide range of HR strategies and ideas.

And if you’re ready to empower your company through HR, start with this free resource. It lists 4 checklists and bonus material in a handy bookley

If you would like to get in touch, please email me and visit my website for more information, you can also call me on 024 7615 8431

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