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Meet....Matthew Ruddle

Customer Journey and Retention Expert, Speaker, Author

Matthew has built an enviable reputation as one of the leaders in customer retention in the UK, having worked with businesses all over the worked for the last 13 years, helping them to not only win that vital business but keep those customers for even long and increasing their value. He’s worked with some amazing brands on campaigns such as Rugby World Cup 2015, RFU, Xerox, Lords Cricket Ground to name but a few. Something which saw him and the company awarded a software satisfaction away, as recognised by his clients.

During his time on the front line with customers, he’s created several models to help people not only visualise what needs to be done and the outcomes but to also give direction to success

Customer retention is huge and in mange businesses is the poorer cousin to winning customers in the first place. When you break down the figures, retaining just 5% more clients can result in more than 25% increased profits – an amazing statistic and one that can’t be ignored. Because of this, Matt has spoken at numerous events around the country sharing his knowledge, expertise and more importantly practical tips to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

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