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Credit Control Services

Jayne has worked with many people from many different walks of life, and still does.  She has previously had the experience of working within various industries doing different roles; in the music industry, publishing, sales of semi-conductors & compact flash, estate agency, office management, event planning, personal assistant, travel coordinator and event organiser as well as ‘mum’ to the boys in an F1 team.  Along the way Jayne has made lifelong friends and connections.  Professional passions include people and learning about other businesses.  But the biggest professional passion is the health of the umbilical cord of your business – cashflow. 

Chasing overdue invoices is not something everyone is comfortable with, has the resource to undertake or the experience to do.  Making the time to chase being a key problem and talking to your clients which is something Jayne encourages, to coin a phrase “it’s good to talk” is as important today as ever.  If you have been chasing a payment owed but your requests are being ignored, she could help here too. 

Not only has Jayne received shinning reviews from her clients, but she gets invited for tea and doughnuts at some of her client’s customers too! 

There is no min or max invoice value, but there is by law a cut off-of 6 years as of invoice date.  As well as chasing overdue invoices, Jayne offers additional services including training on Credit Control and produces detailed credit reports on any UK business and/or Director/s.  All done from the cloud though working or a meeting at your office can be arranged.

Jayne starts the day with a long walk with her dog, Ted, giving the day a calm start with a clear head, and taking some great shots along the way.At times coming across some strange experiences (look at her blog with the animal feeder).No two days are ever the same.


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