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Emma-Louise Fusari

Meet....Emma-Louise Fusari

Workplace Health & Wellness Consultant

With a passion for health promotion and delivering high quality care, Emma is on a mission to help empower people to take control of their own health and wellness and to help them move forward in both their working and personal lives. This has led her to her venture In-House Health, offering companies the chance to show their staff they care.

A nurse with 17 years practice under her belt, Emma left the NHS in 2016 and has operated her own businesses since then.

Being a business owner with a wealth of nursing knowledge in areas such as occupational health and general medicine, Emma could see that there was an imbalance in workplace health. With people often struggling to see a doctor or nurse because of their busy schedules and work commitments.

In-House Health offers a range of packages to suit individual business needs. Not just giving you and your staff a health check but also working with you to make the most of your staff and your working environment for the years to come.

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