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Corporate, Education & Social Events Company offering a vast, immersive range of activities and events

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Diane is a former Scotland Yard Fingerprint Expert and CSI. 

She spent 29 years examining real crime scenes to recover all types of physical trace evidence and has identified thousands of people whose fingerprints have been inadvertently left behind.

When Diane left the Police in 2017 she couldn’t let go of her passion for fingerprints so set up Forensic Minds, an events company which specialises in bringing fingerprints and forensics to a place near you with her fun and immersive CSI themed events and activities.

Based in Norfolk and delivering events across the UK Diane caters for corporate team builds & parties and brings science to life in the classroom with her educational workshops in schools and colleges.

Unlike many team bonding activities, Diane’s events are inclusive to all and allow individuals to demonstrate their strengths and weaknesses from communication and collaboration right through to creativity and problem solving. 

Being educational as well as fun ticks lots of boxes for the person holding the purse strings.  It’s often easier to “sell” an event to the Finance Director if there is an element of learning involved, and this is where Diane’s 29 years’ experience comes to the fore and puts her ahead of others.  Having examined thousands of crime scenes from walk in thefts right through to multiple murders, Diane is able to bring a wealth of first-hand knowledge and experience and always has a gory story or two to tell. 

This is as true to life as it can get.  Right from dressing for the part to being presented with case papers relating to the crime and a CSI case filled with all the equipment needed to examine the scene itself.  Diane shares her knowledge of fingerprints, fibres, DNA, shoe marks, blood spatter etc. enabling participants to determine what has happened and from what they see and the physical trace evidence they locate and recover.

Diane has 10 years’ experience delivering training and has worked with groups of 5 up to 180 at any one time and participants come away having had a fantastic hands-on experience of a job many tell Diane they wish they had done themselves.

Don’t take Diane’s word for it.  This is just a sample of what people have said about her events:

“Diane is fantastic, funny, warm and welcoming. The ability to bring her wealth of knowledge to a fun environment is excellent”

“Really fun and informative afternoon spent solving the crime with Forensic Minds. Great team building activity. Diane was very prepared and an excellent presenter and very knowledgeable”

“Fantastic! - fun, informative and great banter!”

 “I was a bit sceptical but was pleasantly surprised. An excellent evening”

“A really enjoyable and fun evening which kept the whole team very interested. Will definitely recommend to others “ 

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