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37 Things Self Hypnosis Can Help With- Duncan Price from Mind Affinity

Hypnosis has two main elements. Both parts can work well Independently of each other and both have many benefits and applications.

The first is suggestion. You are bombarded by suggestions all day long, everything from passing comments like “you look tired” to the suggestions you repeat to yourself “I’m rubbish at...”

Learning self hypnosis helps you to understand the power of those suggestions and replace them with positive suggestions instead. You will also learn how to write a ‘script’ full of positive suggestions that works on a subconscious level to change your limiting beliefs and open your mind up on a deep level to achieving more. 

 The other main element of self Hypnosis is a trance-like state.

You will lean how to embrace the minds natural ability to achieve this relaxed state of lower brain-wave activity. This state is relaxing and enjoyable but also gives your body and mind a chance to refresh with far greater efficiency than other forms of relaxation and even sleep. 

If that sounds like something you would like to know more about get in touch to find out how you can discover more for free to decided if the training is right for you. 

Stacey Calder who runs the Business Success Network is collecting 37 blogs with 37 things for her 37th birthday. So I agreed to list 37 things that self hypnosis can help with. 

Here they are:

1 improving sleep (quantity and quality)

2 boosting energy levels

3 conquering anxiety 

4 beating depression

5 stress management

6 improving focus

7 confidence

8 breaking habits

9 overcoming addictions

10 eradicating fears

11 pain management 

12 boosting immune system

13 relaxation 

14 reacting more positively

15 drive

16 sexual performance

17 boosting creativity 

18 overcoming limiting beliefs

19 learning to listen to yourself better

20 more patience

21 improving relationships

22 achieving more

23 Mental calmness

24 understanding and processing emotions

25 grief and bereavement 

26 child birth

27 self belief

28 job hunting

29 improving sport performance 

30 anger management 

31 personal effectiveness 

32 assertiveness

33 controlling your reactions

34 improving memory 

35 stop overthinking

36 enjoy life more

37 think better = feel better = live better

 If you would like to know more about self hypnosis and how it could help YOU. Head to