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37 Truths That Most Normal People Wouldn’t Admit To- Brad Burton



3.    Things change.

4.     Find someone who makes you laugh for all the wrong reasons.

5.      We can’t all be Elon Musk. Pah, you are a pathetic entrepreneur. Not really. Compare you now, to you back then. 

6.    You are your best chance of success.

7.    Awesome. You got millions in the bank. Wait, what. You’re not happy though?  Buy another sports car, 'happy' may be hiding in the glove compartment.

8.  Holding a mask on is tiring. My advice. Don’t hold a mask on.  

9.  Rocks into pebbles, pebbles into dust. Dust into gone.

10.  Revenge is still a dish best not served.

11.    Be your own competition.

12.     Be who you are in the world.

13.     Before you post on Facebook about changing the world, ask yourself this question. What do you need to do to change yourself.

14.   Motivational speaker. Be motivational. Be the product.

15.    Sometimes as frustrating and difficult as it is, you’ve got to let someone you love, slip on a Banana skin.

16.   It’s never the thing people say, it’s the thing behind the thing, thing.

17.   Facebook private messages are often not private. You do know they can be screen grabbed.

18.   Roll the dice. Double six’s can happen.

19.   Learn from the bad as well as the good.

20.   Regardless of how benign your intent is, some will always try to shoot you down from the sidelines.

21.   You are never going to please everyone. Please yourself.

22.   If someone wants to lay blame at your door, they will do, regardless of the facts. Arguing won't change this.

23.   Find your tribe. Find your people. You’ll find yourself.

24.   98% of people don’t do what they say they will. Be part of the 2%.

25.   You can't save anyone till you save yourself.

26.   A “logo” isn’t a business. It’s a logo.

27.   Make sure that any fight you get dragged into, is a fight you actually want even if you win, you lose.

28.   Recovery is as important as intensity.

29.   Figure out who your enemy is.

30.   Figure out who your friends are.

31.     Make an effort to bring out more of the GOOD you and less of the BAD.

32.    One load of wood doesn’t make a house constantly nice and warm.

33.    On social media, I swear there’s a ‘6 figure success coach’ who still lives with his mum.

34.   The question isn’t what do you want to achieve, that’s easy. The hard question is are you really prepared to do what it takes?

35.     It shouldn’t take death, to appreciate life.

36.    When shit hits the fan. And it will. Always ask, what does this make possible?

37.  Be ambitious. Be driven. But above all. Please, please please. BE HAPPY.