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37 Blogs for 37 Years (A collection of Blogs)

It was my birthday this month and so I decided to celebrate by doing something a bit different.

I decided I was going to write a blog with 37 tips in, one for each birthday. But then I had another slightly more crazy idea, I’d get together 37 blogs each containing 37 tips/lists/points/facts within them. So I put out some posts and several businesses and individuals got involved.

They’ve started to come in now and so you’ll see me adding them to the blog as soon as they arrive.

This blog will be the first in the series, 37 blogs for 37 years will be the list (and links) of all those blogs, it’ll be updated as they get posted so keep checking back for the full list of blogs. There’s lots covered, we’ve had blogs from Brad Burton (UK’s No 1 Motivational Speaker), Duncan Price (hypnotherapist), and many more on a range of subjects from chat bots to magnetix and everything in between. By the end of this challenge they’ll be a wealth of knowledge from some amazing people. Will that include yours?

So here we go with the list so far:

  1. 37 Blogs for 37 Years- Stacey Calder- Business Success Network.

  2. 37 Things Self Hypnosis Can Help With- Duncan Price from Mind Affinity.

  3. 37 Reasons To Dance- Charlotte Cooper - CDP Dance

  4. 37 Messenger Marketing Tips- Jim Rowe from Jim Rowe-Bot

  5. 37 Things That Magnetix Can Help With- Judi Hampton

  6. 37 Truths Most Normal People Wouldn’t admit to- Brad Burton

  7. 37 Things to keep you healthy at work (and at home) - Emma-Louise Fusari From In-House Health

  8. 37 Small Changes That Can Assist With Long Term Weight Loss (fat loss) with Shamus from Shay Fit