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37 Things to keep you healthy at work (and at home) - Emma-Louise Fusari From In-House Health

Sadly, a huge part of our lives involves work! The average UK employee will spend about 90,000 hours at work. That’s around 3,750 full days (24 hours) at work over a lifetime! 10 years without a break!

Ok, I know now you are feeling stressed and depressed just thinking about work. About a third of our time is spent working. Surely it makes sense that our working environment should be a healthy one, so that we can enjoy our time away from work with family and friends? Let’s look at 37 things that can keep you healthy at work (and at home too)!


1.       Keep Hydrated – Drink an adequate amount of water, it will improve concentration.

2.      Good Lighting - Natural daylight has shown to reduce stress levels and keep you alert.

3.      Sit Less – This is good for you physically and can also increase productivity and focus.

4.      Do Mini Workouts - Simple stretches and strength moves little and often add up daily.

5.      Set Desk Correctly - This will help avoid lower back, neck and arm pain (35% of absence).

6.      Breathe Clean Air - Plants can improve air quality, whilst inspiring creativity and wellness.

7.      Don’t Eat at Desk - Eating at your desk whilst distracted, you are more likely to overeat!

8.      Notice Your Posture - Slouching makes you feel tired and lazy, affecting productivity.

9.      Take Your Pet - People who have their dogs at work reduce stress and boost satisfaction.

10.  Avoid Snacking – Avoid the sweets and biscuits, if you’re hungry have some fruit.

11.  Avoid Eye Strain – Increase the font on your screen so you can read from arm’s length.

12.  Take a Holiday - Recharge your batteries and reduce your stress levels.

13.  Eat a Healthy Lunch – Portion size is key, especially if you are sitting all afternoon.

14.  Avoid Long Days – Long term, these can increase your risk of stroke by up to 45%.

15.  Keep it Clean – Your keyboard, mouse and phone are germ magnets that make you ill.

16.  Self-Awareness – Know your limits, know when to take a break, know yourself.

17.  Reduce Caffeine – One coffee in the morning should avoid a caffeine crash in the pm.

18.  Take a Break – Not taking a break can make you lethargic and reduce creativity.

19.  Manage Stress – Do something you enjoy, relax your mind and take care of yourself.

20.  Take the Stairs – Get your heart rate up, use your time wisely.

21.  Take a Nap – If you can, a bit of shut-eye can help you refocus and make you productive.

22.  Say No – Don’t overload yourself with work that can wait or someone else can take on.

23.  Decorate – Research shows shades of green are linked to enhanced creative thinking.

24.  Personalise Your Desk – A family photo can help you feel comfortable and reduce stress.

25.  Wash Your Hands – This is the best way to prevent yourself from getting sick.

26.  Ditch the Car – Walk, run, cycle or bus it to work. Not for everyone, do it if you can.

27.  Network – Get out there and meet other like-minded people.

28.  Talk – A problem shared is a problem halved they say; this is good for mental health.

29.   Run Your Own Race – Don’t compare yourself to other people, focus on yourself.

30.  Outsource – If it’s not your job or your skill set, delegate or outsource to others.

31.  Check Blood Pressure – High BP has no symptoms and leads to Heart Attack and Stroke.

32.  Sleep – A good nights sleep boosts immunity, mental wellbeing and makes you slim.

33.  Manual Handling – Practice good techniques to avoid injuries occurring.

34.  Establish Boundaries – Set working hours and define your workspace and stick to them.

35.  Exercise – A great stress buster both physically and mentally it also reduces CVD risk.

36.  Smoking – We all know it’s bad for health, there’s lots of help out there to help you quit.

37.  Alcohol – It’s all about moderation and a little red wine is good for your heart.

There you have it, 37 things to keep you healthy at work (and at home)! A few tweaks here and there and before you know it a healthy lifestyle becomes a habit.