Stacey calder


30 Day Asset Challenge

Assets are one of the most important parts of growing our business. They allow us to show off our expertise, our knowledge and ultimately showcase why people should do business with us. We’re not just talking traditional assets such as equipment, premises etc. We’re talking about your everyday assets, everything from your branding, website and literature to testimonials, video’s and books.

We’ve been helping businesses build their assets for years and over the last 6 months we’ve spent a fair amount of time getting it all in order and making sure we shout about our own assets as well as other peoples. Even a business such as ours, which focuses on assets everyday should take stock regularly on what they have already and what they need to move them forward. We’ve collected so much content over the 9 years we’ve been in business, it needed sorting though and assets collecting. We’ve got so much ‘stuff’ much of it I’d forgotten about- photos of large corporate events we’ve ran, speaking at awards ceremonies, articles we’ve  featured in and much more, just sat on the laptop where nobody could see them, crazy when we could be putting them to better use. Is this ringing alarm bells for you?

Over the last 6 months we’ve worked on our new YouTube channel, recording much more content than previous, We’ve re-branded the business and given it not just a new look but a whole new concept. We’ve also gone to the right personal development days to help us build assets such as business books and around any public speaking we’ve done. The magazine has also started to be developed to become an even bigger asset to not just for us as a company but the cover stars and the contributors within it.

What do you need to work on to improve your assets?

Recently, Stacey gave a 20 minute talk on assets to a group of business owners and one attendee said ‘That was the most helpful talk I’ve heard in a long time’ it made her think about how else she could help people look at what assets they have and also what they need.

On Monday she launches her next 30-day challenge in the ‘Creating Content and Social Success’ Group, this challenge will be based on Assets and will feature 30 assets that YOU should be using in your business RIGHT NOW. It’ll start off with the basics around assets such as business cards and go on to feature more challenging tasks around video content, images and much more.

Do you need to get your business noticed more? Are you unsure of what you could do next?

When was the last time you looked at your assets and decided what needs updating and what is simply missing?

The 30-day challenge will not only help you look at what you need, it will also:

·         Push you to step outside your comfort zone to try new things.

·         Set tasks to get you using the assets you have in different ways.

·          Create opportunities to learn from experts.

·         Give you new ideas to help grow you and grow your business.

Want in?

The 30-day Asset Building Challenge can only be found as part of the Creating Content and Social Media Success group. You can access this group for just £8.99 a month. There’s no obligation to stick around after the challenge but the group offers much more than just this challenge. It also covers news, updates, tasks and challenges based around LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as exclusive content from Facebook HQ because Stacey Calder who leads the group is a recognised Facebook Business Community leader.

We’ve talked a lot about assets in this blog but really what it boils down to is do you have enough assets to show off your experience and build your credibility?

Join us Now ready for the challenge.