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Social Media To Make Your Business Boom!

“It’s not enough to be on social media, you have to build a community” Facebook May 2018

This was the quote I took away from my visit to Facebook HQ in London last May. It’s something I’ve lived and breathed for all the years I’ve been self-employed. It’s one of the reasons Facebook has recognised me as a leader in building great business communities on their platform and flew me out to spend 3 days with them this year in Dublin, but what about your social media?

How’s that working for you? How are all these new features and changes effecting you?

Could you make your social media work better for you? If the answer is no, fantastic! It’s great to have other experts reading this and I’d welcome a chat with you about being a guest in my group, however I’m betting that if you’re reading this it’s because you’re stuck, looking for help or recognise we’re in a constantly evolving digital world and we can’t all be experts in every area of our business.

My VA told me last week that we would need to be an expert in over 60 different roles if that was the case. People set up a business because they are passionate about something, but that often isn’t the admin, the accounts or of course the marketing or social media. But, I get it, when starting out you don’t have the same marketing budgets as the big boys, those companies with a whole marketing department and tens of thousands of followers and influencers to show for it. That’s where my group comes in. It has YOU in mind. I’ve been there, I’ve gone through every part of the business process from starting out to selling a business and it’s all been done through social media.

I’ve grown huge followings- a business networking community of 27,000 business mums on Facebook, reached 4 million timelines on Twitter for an event, hey I’ve even got companies sending my bulldog water bottles from the states because of Instagram and now I want to help you. For the last 8 years I’ve worked with small and medium businesses training them in social media and managing their accounts if they wish to outsource it, but I can’t reach everyone in that way, and more people are asking for my help. I want to help more at a price that’s affordable to everyone.

:Last month I ran an online course for 18 days within a Facebook group, brought in guest experts, offered lives, challenges and tasks to move you forward, but I realised I have TOO MUCH CONTENT and need much more than 18 days to share that with people. I’m opening that Facebook group up to you, the person reading this that wants to make their business boom, that wants to understand how to make social media work for THEM, that wants to see what has worked and more importantly what hasn’t for others that have gone through the same pain points as they are facing.

You can tap into all my knowledge and that of my expert panel and visitors for the price of £8.99 a month. Is your business growth worth £8.99 a month? I think it is, I think you are worth investing in!

You’ll get access to our Facebook group all the Lives, Q and A’s, videos, planning tools and guidance on content as well as tools, tips and techniques that you’d expect. You’ll also get a community of people that are supportive and understand and can offer their own opinions and advice.

Want in?

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