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#JanuaryGratitude Challenge


It’s January, the start of a new year, the start of 365 more opportunities. It’s also a chance to review what’s gone before and reflect on our strengths and those things that didn’t quite go to plan last year. Many people, myself included use the time between Christmas and New Year as a chance to set goals, many people across the globe also make New Years resolutions. Whatever you call it, it happens. You’ll see many of them popping up on Social media, they’ll also be many challenges promising to boost your business, grow your income or following so I thought I’d do something different.

The last time I ran a Gratitude challenge it was by far my most popular challenge I’ve ever ran and it set some really great habit’s for those taking part. I think January is a great time to do another similar challenge. This challenge will not only give you a more positive mindset focusing on things you are grateful for that otherwise might go unnoticed but if used correctly will also give you a month of content whether for your journal, diary or social media. So are you up for a challenge?

If you pop over to the BUSINESS SUCCESS NETWORK I’ll be posting each daily challenge within it so members can be held accountable and can share their thoughts, posts and blogs with each other. They’ll be daily support from me and the community. If that’s not your thing or would like to ‘go it alone’ that’s fine and I’ve included the daily posts below. Please use #JanuaryGratitude to your posts if you’d like to repost/share them.

Have fun, be grateful.

1st- Share this challenge. Let people know you are going to be sharing the things you are grateful for.

2nd- About me. What is it about you that you are grateful for?

3rd- My Priorities

4th- My Daily Rituals

5th- My Favourite Book

6th- Today I’m thankful for….

7th- Be Still

8th- Enjoy The Fresh Air

9th- My Next Trip

10th- Give Joy

11th- Something New For This Year

12th- Laugh Out Loud.

13th- I’m Proud of…..

14th- Deep Breathe

15th- Simple Things

16th- Silence. Value It

17th- Find Your Flow

18th- Eat Many Colours

19th- Times Ticking

20th- My Precious Things Are …..

21st- My Big Challenge Is…

22nd- My Strength Is….

23rd- My Family Tale

24th- Things That Nourish Me Are…

25th- Gratitude For Others

26th- Time To Switch Off

27th- Snuggle Up With….

28th- My Special View

29th- Worthwhile Things To Note

30th- My Hopes For February

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