Stacey calder


Why Meet Up and Mingle?

We all know that networking is a key part of building a business, and those that know me will know that I network as much as possible with many different groups, so what makes the Business Success Networks Meet up and Mingle different and what do you find reassuringly similar to other events?

  • It's a quarterly event. You're not tied in to attend every week so you don't feel like your seeing the same people each week rather than finding new contacts. Whilst I agree with regular networking and building up relationships I've never been able to commit to the same group week in week out and I know many others that feel the same due to other commitments, that said if everyone in that group is referring you and introducing you to their other networks and contacts then it can be a great way of growing your business network. We run ours quarterly the month after the magazine comes out to allow our experts, contributors, familiar faces and new connections to come together and catch up.
  • We buy your first drink at the bar and nibbles are provided.... We understand that by 7pm everyone needs a drink of some description and something to stop their stomach grumbling through their intro. 
  • Like many other networking events we start with open networking whilst everyone arrives, get drinks and gets settled. It's a great way to catch up with those you already know and those people you've not met before. I find it's a great informal way to start the meeting and even the most nervous of networkers find they get involved and settle in with ease.
  • Once everyone's arrived we invite people to do their introductions. Everyone gets to introduce themselves and their businesses, as well as what they need help with this quarter or any news they have etc. We normally say around 2 minutes each but don't worry we don't have an egg timer to time you! 
  • We have 2 guest speakers throughout the evening, normally on 2 different topics to keep everyone engaged and motivated. On occasions these are one of the magazine or networks experts and at others they are outside businesses sharing their expertise. They aren't a sales pitch, often an interest or a topic that compliments the speakers business.
  • Then we go back to open networking! Your chance to chat with those who's intros you found interesting, the speakers and those in the magazine. It's a chance for you to share with other businesses how you might be able to help them and to exchange relevant details. There's so many great businesses in the room, but what makes this different from other networking events is the chance to meet those that have wrote articles in the Business Success Magazine and a chance to pick their brains about those articles.

To make the most out of the evening (and networking in general):

  • Turn up with a smile and get involved
  • Bring your business cards, leaflets etc. 
  • Speak to everyone in the room where possible
  • Listen to the speakers. Put the phone away and pick up on their tips and techniques
  • Grab a copy of the magazine and ask people about their articles, make the most of your time with the contributors and experts
  • Tell people who you're looking to connect with and why
  • Exchange details and follow up with them after the meeting

We're a friendly group that isn't membership based, there's no hard sell for any products. It's a fun and friendly group with guests from across Warwickshire (and sometimes a little further). In between meetings you can find us online networking in the Business Success Facebook Group

So, if your ready to join us for our next meet up CLICK HERE for details and booking.