Stacey calder


Why go into Business?

Whether you are a small business owner or work alongside a network marketing company you will know why you started your business, or at least you'll think you'll know why. 

Truth is lots of people do not think about this enough,your WHY is the most powerful part of your business and should be thought about regularly and continuously developed.

Now if you work in direct sales your WHY is talked about a lot, your upline/sponsor will ask you WHY you want to run your business so they know what motivates you. If you run a small business and have a coach or mentor they to might ask you your reasons for starting your business.

But this is a really tough question, one we often don't like to think about. I remember my first business planning meeting 4 years ago. I sat with my coach and she asked me WHY i was doing the business. I replied I didn't want to go back to work full-time as I'd had my 2nd child. I presumed that answer was enough after all it was true! Then she started to ask me about short-term and long-term goals for me and my family. I hadn't got a clue if I'm honest and i remember thinking 'Whats the right answer here?' So i reeled off goals like a house and a car etc. Good answers but wrong answers for me. WHY? because I wasn't emotionally attached to them, yes I'd have loved a house and a car but I didn't really believe it was possible and I didn't believe I could do it, I also, like many people had shrunk my dreams to fit my income so buying a house was well off my radar.

For ages (years probably) coaches, trainers, upline told me to make a dream book or vision board and work on my WHY. If I'm honest I saw it as 'homework' and a bit 'wafty' so never fully did the task, I did a dream book but I hadn't connected with it at all. Then after a big training I decided to listen to their advice and really think about my why, connect with it, cry over it and be passionate about it. Eventually I found my WHY. It's personal to me and I've realised there is no right or wrong answer to this question, only what you want.

As a mum I do everything for my children of course I do. My business is willable to them and eventually they will inherit it from me but I was chatting to another mum in network marketing today and it got me thinking. Yes the children are my why but I needed more than that, see 4 years ago they were my why but like I said I'd shrunk my dreams and as a mum we 'deal' with whatever's thrown at us. So for instance if I had £20 in my purse it would always go on the children never on myself as I could go without, the children were more important, I think many mums think like this so we aren't used to thinking about what we want because we are programmed to think what the children need! We 'make do' we learn to adapt and 'go without' for example rent a house rather than buy your dream home.

So stop shrinking your dreams, WHY are you running your business? What gets you out of the house when you feel unmotivated? Be selfish! What makes you tick?

It could be money, but it's probably more about what you can do with the money. So what do you want to work for?

A holiday? A home? Private school? Have you thought about these things, I mean really thought about them?

Lets take the holiday for instance. Where do you want to go on holiday? How long for? How much will it cost? What will you do when you get there? Who will you go with? 

Make it real to you, get the brochures, plan it, act as if you've booked it!

Don't make the same mistake I did and not connect with this for years. This is a vital first step in your business. Enjoy it it's fun but is also such a powerful tool. 

If you'd like to open up your WHY and work on what makes you tick I offer an hours mentoring session to help you CLICK HERE to book.

I'd love to hear your WHY's so please leave a comment for me!