Stacey calder


New Year, New Resolutions & New Year of Experiences

It's that time of year again when many of us are reflecting on the year just gone and making resolutions for the year we've just entered. Someone on Twitter asked me if I'd made any new years resolutions the other day and I said no. I have set New years goals though. The phrase new years resolutions just makes me think of failure. Every year we hear 100's of people making resolutions on new years day, spending £100's of pounds on gym memberships, and new courses etc. and then a few weeks later circumstances get in the way and they've given up. Maybe it's just me but goals seem to have the longevity that resolutions don't, people seem to take them more seriously. It's all about mindset really.

So as usual this last week I've reviewed my own 2016, the highs and the lows and looking forward into 2017 and what I'd like to do both personally and in business. As some of you will know I work from a home office around my children. I'm a bit of a workaholic and get told regularly by family to put my laptop away. So one of my resolutions this year was so make sure I spent more quality time with the family, after all business is going well and is flexible around my family commitments. So whilst I was thinking about what I wanted to do during that time with the children I also asked them what they wanted to do. We decided on a year of experiences together. At first I wasn't even sure what this meant or looked like, but after chatting it through with them we decided it simply meant 2017 was going to be a jam-packed year of things we experience together. Each month we'll have or do something different that will widen our experiences and hopefully allow the children to gain so much, whilst I get to spend time with them simply enjoying themselves.

I'd already decided I'd be blogging about it and using #ayearofexperience as a hashtag on my social media platforms I just hadn't decided what 'experience' January would entail, to be honest I was thinking of places to visit and see, when my daughter asked me what was for dinner. Between Mackenzie and myself we decided on a homemade pasta Bolognese and spent the next 30 minutes together alone in the kitchen whilst I taught her how to make the perfect Bolognese from scratch. She mastered chopping the mushrooms and tomatoes whilst I cut up the onions. I showed her what to add to the pan and when and she happily stirred the pan of ingredients. That Bolognese was the best Bolognese I've ever cooked. Did I do anything different? No! But rather than throwing it all in in a hurry to feed the family it was made with love. It was amazing to just bond with her over such a simple thing. We've cooked and baked before but there's always distractions. So it was there and then that January's first 'experience' was created, it will simply  be teaching my children to cook. I might even get the husband involved too, 10 years together and I don't think it's something we've done together, always to busy, life just gets in the way.

So my personal goal of being more present with my family and giving them as many experiences as I can has started and to go with it I'm filling a jar full of post it notes. Why? because at the end of the year the jar will be full of great things that happened in 2017. I decided to do this after I saw a friend post the picture on this blog. I have business goals to but they are for another blog, this blog I want to just keep full of Mackenzie's magic!

If anyone wants the recipe by the way just ask.