Stacey calder


Meeting Diana Fallowes of Crazy Kiln

Over the last couple of months I’ve had the pleasure of networking with Diana and found her to be a lovely lady who certainly knows her stuff. After networking with her on a couple of occasions I was given the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with her at her home getting to know her and her business better. What actually happened was fantastic, she knew our family was going through a big upheaval at that time and took an interest in my family, business and myself and I immediately felt calm and at ease in her company. Diana is very easy to talk to and it was lovely to spend time with her.

I first came across her business Crazy Kiln last year when it was based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire but never got up the opportunity to go in. If I’m totally honest the thought of taking my children into a shop where most of it is breakable really made me panic so even though I loved the idea of keepsake pottery I never went in. Diana now runs Crazy Kiln as a mobile business and I have to say I love this idea, there must be so many mums like me out there that could benefit from this service, either because like me they are worried of taking their children into a small breakable shop or because of family life would find it easier for people to come to them. Diana can also be supporting different events across the county during holidays and weekends holding stalls in family friendly venues.

What I love about Diana, is her passion. She doesn’t just turn up, do her job and leave, she makes it a personal experience for those involved and leaves you feeling really happy with the whole experience. Diana has worked with children and families professionally throughout her varied career and I think that really helps her understand you and your family’s needs. Having spent some time with Diana and her taking the time to get to know me she knew exactly what sort of gift I’d like when she turned up at my recent baby shower. It was a lovely surprise that my friend had arranged for me. On this occasion we made a plate to welcome baby no 3 into the world. Everyone had their fingerprints painted onto a plate and she’s taken it away ready to complete when baby is born so that I have a memory of everyone that attended my baby shower and baby will know growing up he had so many fantastic people waiting for his arrival. We have discussed some other ideas to which because Diana has taken the time to get to know me I loved!

As well as offering mobile services and parties Crazy Kiln also offers Party-to-go packages where Diana provides you with everything you need to create your own keepsakes with prices starting from as little as £6 a piece meaning you can run the party in your own time and have no restrictions on painting times, another fantastic idea for mums looking for party ideas.

Most people (myself included before I met Diana) probably think of newborn babies when they think of keepsake pottery but the products Diana provides cover much more than baby keepsakes. Personally I love the signature plates, fantastic for capturing special birthdays and wedding celebrations etc. She also offers items for special occasions such as mother’s day and father’s day meaning families can produce something original and heartfelt for those that they love. The Calder children recently designed a latte mug for their godmother’s birthday which was a big hit with their godmother and brought a tear to her eye as she read their special messages and designs on her own special mug.

Diana offers many products from pottery, outprints or silver to bespoke commissions and I really could talk about them all day but whilst the products are amazing it is the friendly, warm service Diana brings to the business that I find extraordinary and makes her a true expert in her field.