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Juggling a work/life balance

I recently asked a question on my facebook page about juggling your own business during the holidays. It had a great response but I was really pleased to get into a conversation with a lovely lady called Keleigh and asked her if she'd like to share her story on this blog. She accepted the offer and here it is!

"I am the mummy of a 3 year old boy and 11 month old twin girls. I set up my own wedding planning business 3 months ago, despite everyones calls to wait until the children are older.

I want my business to be up and running and turning a profit by the time my children are at school. This will take time to achieve so I didn't see the point in waiting. It just means that I have a rather full plate for a while!

Realising the school summer holidays were coming up and my son wouldn't be at play school 3 mornings a week, well it stressed me out a bit. I love spending time with my children but I was dreading the holidays!

I am 2 weeks in to the holidays and we seem to have gotten ourselves in a nice routine. I play with my son when the girls are asleep. I check my emails when they're all eating. We all play together when no-one is too tired or hungry. We also have quiet time when mummy can do some work.

I don't feel guilty for asking for some work time in the day but I make sure it's balanced with quality play time and one on one time wherever possible. 

The housework which has recently taken a back seat, is now firmly in the boot! I run the hoover round once a day but I only do the visible bits. I don't move the furniture! I'm writing this blog whilst my son is with his grandparents and the girls are taking a nap. I take advantage as soon as opportunities present themselves. The truth is, I'm loving everything I'm doing with my wedding business so it doesn't feel like work. It's a welcome distraction.

Are some days better than others? Yes. Yes they are. On days where the children are niggly and irritable, I take us out for a walk and a play in the local park. Walking allows me time to be alone with my thoughts. If we have a bad day and I'm ready for bed by 8pm, I start the next day as a blank canvas. I don't hold grudges and certainly not against myself. 

Keleigh the mummy and Keleigh the worker are a team but I need to introduce a 3rd person now - Keleigh the loving partner. Wish me luck figuring out how to fit in quality time with my partner! On a film I saw recently, an older couple, very much in love, said the secret to their success was that they always made time for each other. For when the children are grown and you're retired, your partner is the only one left.

I wish you all the very best over the summer and I really hope the warm weather continues so that I can get the washing done and go for my mind focusing walks :)"

Keleigh, Weddings with a Difference