Stacey calder


Creating a Team Identity

Whether you have a small or large business or a direct sales business one of the best pieces of advice I've heard is to create a team identity.

We've all seen those 'create a movement' video's and that's exactly what you want to do. This is much easier to do if everyone feels part of the team. 

There are lots of things you can do to create a team identity and below are 3 quick tips to helping you create your identity:

  • Have a meet the team page on your website or introduce new team on social media. This covers both traditional businesses and direct sellers. By adding them to your website it allows people outside of your organisation to start to feel like they are building a relationship with your team, it builds up a level of trust and allows people to see who is involved with what area's of your business. Introducing new team through your social media channels also keeps people involved in what's going on in your organisation. The new team member feels happy to be welcomed and it gives you a chance to show the outside world you are growing and expanding. For direct sellers it is important to welcome new team members as it shows people are putting their trust in you and you are coaching new people within your business and starting them on their own journey.




  • Have a uniform, badge, logo and colour. This makes your team known to others. One of the first things I did as I started to build a team was to
    give it a name and I had a logo produced. I've seen other teams wear certain colours to events or have a certain pin so that the team feel part of something big, they are easily recognisable to each other and to others. In traditional business you might have a uniform or name badges but it works in the same way, it creates a sense of belonging to your business. Make sure once you've created your identity or 'brand' that it is carried throughout all your website, social media platforms and business cards etc.


  • Have regular team meetings and socials. Working for yourself you can often isolated so events to bring people together are so important. Knowing you are part of something bigger than just you can motivate and inspire people to work harder. Even sole traders that don't have a team can do this by going to industry related training days, networking events and socials. I always come away from events feeling reconnected to my business and often learn so much even if it's just a social get together. There's a chance for discussion, tips and a chance to brainstorm with others in your business. I recently attended a leaders retreat. We all booked into a lovely hotel overnight and had chance to chat over afternoon tea, did some training in the lovely courtyard had a swim and Jacuzzi, then in the evening had a social get together. In the morning we bounced ideas around over breakfast and put together a team incentive before we all left the following day at lunchtime. Now some people might see this as just an excuse to get together over drinks, but it has definitely done what I knew it would and that was motivate me to take action! My business has grown a lot since that retreat only 3 weeks ago.