Stacey calder


Baby Button Lane

Every now and then someone walks into your life and you are in awe of their talents. I'm having one of these moments.

I met Jennifer at a Networking Mummies meeting a few months back and she'd brought some of her items along to show us. They were beautiful and the quality was amazing. I told her how much I loved them and that I wish I was that creative, in fact I'd decided 8 years ago I was going to make a patchwork quilt for my daughter when she was born.... 8 years on I still hadn't got further than the first two squares and had then hoarded all her lovely baby clothes which were now sat in the attic. That's when she told me she could do it for me! Brilliant thought, In business I'm a big fan of outsourcing area's you either don't like, are unsure of or are just to time-consuming so this was the perfect option for me, my daughter would finally get her quilt (even if it was 7 years late), I wouldn't feel like such an awful mum for never completing it, my husband would be happy of the loft space back and we'd be supporting a local business mum, and Jennifer would get the order. Win win all round.

After exchanging messages I met with Jennifer again, this time I was armed with a big bag of Mackenzie's baby clothes and Mackenzie herself, she's a strong-willed 7-year-old and wanted to find out exactly what was going on with her clothes and have an input into the quilt as she wanted something she could snuggle up to every night that was special. We had a great meeting and Jennifer asked some great questions about the clothes and special blanket etc and both Mackenzie and myself left super excited.

Over the next few weeks we've exchanged Facebook messages with Jennifer keeping me posted at each step and making sure that we were happy with the progress. I showed Mackenzie the squares laid out but after that stage I stopped showing her as it's for her 8th birthday next week so want her to be surprised by the final quilt.

I met Jennifer on Thursday for a coffee, she was carrying two bags I literally clapped my hands in excitement. First she showed me the pillow case (which I'd forgotten about) and wow, it was beautiful, the front was patches of material from her baby clothes and the back was her 1st baby blanket that Mackenzie had told Jennifer she loved to snuggle as it was so soft. What I really loved was the pillow case ties made from frills from 2 special items, a skirt from her Godfathers dad Neil and her first dress from her Godmother Claire. I was holding back the tears and I hadn't even seen the quilt yet!

The quilt was beautifully presented folded and tied with ribbon but I had to have a proper look. We opened it there and then in the pub where we'd met and even the staff came over and said how amazing it was. To be honest I was expecting a patchwork quilt, 

just squares of her clothes randomly sown together but I got so much more than that. Jennifer had unpicked pockets and badges and sown them on to different squares, she'd left frills from a pair of her first trousers from my mum, so many memories came flooding back, and that's the point isn't it.

I just wanted to share this with you because as far as I'm concerned Jennifer is the best at what she does. We had an interesting conversation about cost and that some people have said to her they didn't want to pay that much, well let me say this. Her prices included 2 meetings, endless messages back and forth, her time to make the quilt and the cost of the backing material etc. It was very good value for money, in fact she's now creating another four quilts for me and is already starting on the second.

Please check out Jennifer's work at Baby Button Lane especially if you're looking for something extra special as she creates so many beautiful items as this blog will not do them justice.