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Ask the Experts

Being self employed or working from home can be a lonely process at times and that's why I think it's important for people to have a network of people around them from the start, to support you, brainstorm with you and share ideas with you. This could be a networking group, mastermind group or some other network, what ever works for you.

I've always had a group of supportive people I can go to to bounce ideas off when needed and that's come through networking. Networking has helped me build up not just solid business relationships but also some really good friendships. By building these relationships with your peers you can discuss your business with people who understand your journey. It's okay to discuss things with family but they rarely understand what you're asking or want to protect you from the big scary world and so without realising it can often squash your dreams with their answers or points of view. 

Having this network around me has evolved over the years and I've formed some business partnerships I'm proud of. This is how 'Ask the Experts' was born. After chatting with several of my clients, networking peers and friends the 'Ask the Expert' developed from more than just an idea to add substance to my website, but to something that could be of real use to them, the business community and myself. In time you'll see me promoting their services, guest blogs from them and even a success members club where you'll have regular access to a whole range of experts. 

When you book time with a business success coach you want to know that not only they can help you get better results but that they can connect you with other strong connections for your business and I'm proud to say I have great connections that can help you on a local and national level.

Everyone featured on my Ask the experts page I have worked with on many occasions and would happily recommend on to others. I'm in regular contact with them and often refer them to my clients who require their services so why not shout about them where all can see?

Please join me in welcoming Chris, Louise, Gary and Sarah to the website and take a minute to find out what each of them are passionate about and what their expertise are HERE. If you wish to contact any of them please leave a message through the contact us page and we'll get back to you.