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Are you making these 5 mistakes with your blog?

Some people love blogging, others find it boring and tedious and only do it because they think they should. I can happily say I now love blogging and its fast becoming a very big part of my business. There are over 200 million blogs online so how do you make yours stand out and get noticed? It's not just about writing a good blog but about promoting it correctly to.

I wanted to share with you some mistakes people (myself included) have often made when blogging.

  • Poor Headline

A lot of people don't think too much about the headline and often call it something that is very generic and not at all eye-catching. Your headline needs to be noticeable not only on your blog but also when you're promoting it through other channels to, such as Twitter. With twitter you only have a few characters to engage people and make them click-through your link to your blog. People are under the impression that headlines starting "5 things you didn't know...." or "5 top mistakes made....." are now outdated and no longer work but truth is they are the ones people are noticing and reading, people want to check they aren't making mistakes!

  • To Long

When I say to clients 'create a blog with good content' they often mistake that for length. Your blog doesn't have to be long and include every point made on the subject. Select the main points you want to include and write about them. If it is a long blog then break wording down using pictures, bullet point and sub headings so it makes it easy for the reader to follow and keeps them engaged. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words and will improve the look of your blog post.

  • To Short

Just as lengthy blogs can be a mistake so can very short blogs. Ever clicked on a link with a fantastic heading only to find a couple of paragraphs that don't really contain any information and you wonder what the point was? The last thing you want to do is annoy your readers! Your blogs need substance which will help your readers engage with you and come back consistently to see what other subjects you're covering.

  • Writing about the wrong topics

This is definitely one mistake I've been guilty of this in the past. I've gone off topic and then wondered why my stats had dropped. Write about the topics your readers want to see, pay attention to blog comments and your own blog statistics to see which ones people have engaged with most. Research other bloggers in your industry and see what they are writing about, this will help you to decide if your going in the right direction. By keeping your audience in mind you will gain focus.

  • Not blogging often enough

Blogging is much easier if you enjoy it. If you don't enjoy it this mistake is particularly easy to fall into. Is it one of those things you know you should do regularly but you find it slipping further and further down your 'To do List'? Blogging isn't always easy, don't see it as a chore, see it as a commitment to regularly update your blog. Chose regular intervals that suit you and your business, plan them into your diary and don't procrastinate over it, just do it. 
It's like all tasks, if you commit to it regularly it becomes easier.

I hope you found this useful, please leave me your feedback in the comments section.

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