Stacey calder


A Little More Drinks - Review

It's the holidays and the children have spent some time in the park, they've come back thirsty and are demanding a drink.

Something new to try today! I'm armed with some drinks from A little More drinks that have chilled in the fridge for the last couple of days. I was keen to try this brand, as someone who works in health and nutrition I'm careful about what I give the children to drink and they'll be the 1st to tell you fizzy drinks are a no go in our house (unless a very special occasion).

I was pleased to learn that these drinks contain not only essential vitamins to promote overall health and well-being but they are also made of spring water great for 3 thirsty monkeys! They come in a range of flavours Orange, citrus, mango and passionfruit, or apple and raspberry and are suitable for children over 3 years making it a fantastic addition to mums shopping essentials. It's great for children and adults alike and each 500ml bottle has only 10 calories. With a sports cap lid we found they would be fantastic for lunch boxes, days out and picnics!

So I gave the children each flavour to try on different days throughout the holidays and all 3 flavours tried was a hit with all three of my monkeys, which is quite rare for them all to agree on something. The taste panel consisted of Billy aged 4, Mackenzie aged 6 and Alicia aged 8 and mum who managed to sneak some of each flavour without the children realising. The following comments were made by the taste panel:

Billy- "I liked all the drinks they taste yummy.... mummy can we get some more please?"

Mackenzie- "These are great and don't taste like some healthy drinks these are delicious"

Alicia- "Can we have these for school? I like all the flavours but the orange is my favourite"

Mum (Me)- I was really impressed by the flavour, some drinks taste either very sweet or just dull but these really tasted quite fruity. I can see why the children liked them.

The kids’ range, ‘A Little More’ includes: A Little More Vitamin C, A Little More Multivitamins and A Little More Vitamin D. 

‘Get More’ is priced from £1.45 and ‘A Little More’ from £1.09 at Tesco stores across the UK. for more information.