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10 Things to be grateful for...

I was challenged on Twitter yesterday to write 10 things I'm grateful for by the wonderful @Leamjoyjam. It was one of those tweets I could have skimmed past, and possibly would have usually on a Thursday morning but there's two reasons I replied saying I'd do it.

  • I tweet quite regularly with them and so I value their tweets.
  • In a week where I've sold a business and made drastic changes it can be easy to forget the positives and what we are really thankful for.

I suppose if you want to take anything from those two points it's that relationship building on twitter is key, it's also valuable to those that take the time to build relationships as they can send and receive key messages that are mutually beneficial, sometimes without even realising it at the time. For instance, I needed to write a blog, I also needed to have an evening off to get rid of a migraine, that tweet gave me a chance to do both of those things on reflection, @leamjoyjam had no idea when they sent it out.

So here's my Top 10 things to be grateful for:

  • My children. They went back to school this week the same as thousands of other children. My youngest George started the school pre-school and he loves it. Their school adventures for the year have begun again and I'm grateful they enjoy school, have great friends, love learning and are all independent children, even if sometimes a little too independent.
  • Coffee. I'm sure this ends up on a lot of lists but you just can't beat a good coffee, in fact I'm sat in a coffee shop writing this now. Coffee symbolises a good start to the day and once I've had a mug I'm raring to go!
  • Business. I love being self-employed. The last couple of months have been challenging, nobody wants a call from their business partner asking them to sell their shares but the one thing I'm thankful for on reflection is the fact that I can adapt my business to allow me to deal with situations like this and come out the other end with focus, a clear plan and a chance to develop in new areas.
  • Friends. Real friends, not the 'people you know' but those that are there for you when you pick up the phone and need help, even when you haven't spoken in months. Those that understand your values and why you do what you do. Those that would be the one's getting into trouble with you rather than bailing you out. You can probably count them on your hand.
  • Social Media. It gets moaned about all the time but let's face it it's a way of life now. We can all moan that conversations are dead because of it, or kids are glued to too much technology but what about the positives?? We can now connect and chat to people worldwide! If it wasn't for social media I wouldn't have  the business I do, if at all. I've 'met' some great people online, brought products because of recommendations and even made a celebrity choke on his cornflakes.... where else could I do that???
  • Goals. This week I smashed a long-term goal I set 7 years ago. I cried. Set goals, BIG hairy scary goals, then plan to achieve them because when you do... well there's no feeling like it (more on this to follow in a separate blog).
  • My Husband. Mr C get's a rough deal sometimes. It must be hard to be married to someone who wants to change the world. He supports me in every crazy idea I have, even when he thinks I've finally lost it! Thank you Mr C.
  • Networking. Networking not only found me my first business it gave me the confidence to run it. It's allowed me to meet some great people who have not only become colleagues or clients but genuine friends too. It's helped me gain sales and support others in business, but if you ask my daughter the best thing it has given me was 2 free tickets to a One Direction concert (I promise you that was her words not mine).
  • Coaching. Someone asked me recently why a coach needs a coach, well it's because coaches rarely listen to their own advice (well I struggle do you?) and a coach can give you clarity to know you're on the right path. Mine has helped me so much over the years and a regular check in really helps me do more. This month my coach has helped me 'Unhook' from a business relationship and let go of what I needed too allowing me to think about it in a business sense and not letting emotions get in the way, powerful.
  • Freedom. I'm lucky I live in a world where I can say and do mostly what I like, some people don't have that, if I can help I will. 

And I think i'll leave that at that for now, 10 things I'm grateful for.

I'd love to know what 10 things you are grateful for as I'm sure everyone's is very different. Please do leave me a comment.

Stacey x