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Using Facebook in network marketing

How did I get started on Facebook?

One of the first things I did when I started my business was create a facebook business page. I had no idea what I was doing but just knew it needed to be done. The majority of my friends and colleagues were on facebook so I saw this as a way of reaching them quickly. I didn't know then that social media was going to be at the heart of my business making up almost 85% of leads, both retail and business opportunity leads.

Over the years I've realised that it doesn't work to have more than one subject on a page and this is why I have 3 facebook business pages now. The first one I ever created was my retail page. I didn't really understand the power of network marketing and only really believed in myself enough to think about retailing some products. It's still my strongest page with the most 'Likes'. Obviously as my confidence grew, I learned more about the business and developed my skills both within network marketing and social media I realised that I needed a page to attract people to look at the business opportunity so I created my opportunity page which focuses on just the business side of things. The third page I have is for my coaching that I do, this isn't necessarily for my network marketing business but as I've developed myself and worked with my team I've started to coach in several different scenarios so felt the need for this page.

Now I'm not saying you need to create 3 business pages to be successful on facebook. If I'd have realised from the start what I had my hands on with network marketing I wouldn't have even bothered with a retail page but it's served me well for 3 years and covered some wonderful topics.

So what success have I had using facebook to grow my business?

Well the 1st person that ever joined my team was a woman in Bournemouth that I had never met, now bearing in mind I'm from Warwickshire that was a pretty good start to my team building and it was all thanks to facebook. We met through a facebook group and built up an online rapport from there.As we got to learn about each others businesses we realised there was a link there and she joined the business. The original blog can be read by CLICKING HERE.

The second person to join my business came from attending an event that I had promoted and she had seen on facebook. In fact around 80% of the people I have sponsored have come through facebook. Also without the movement of product none of us would have a business and around 80% of my retail business is also done through facebook with the other 20% coming from Twitter, networking and repeat customers.

So does it work? Is it time effective? Absolutely!

Here's my Top 3 Tips for using Facebook in a Network Marketing Business:

  • Be sociable- Network marketing is a social business. It's a talking to people business. So see facebook as a way to do that. We talk about face to face networking and communities all the time within network marketing and I see facebook as a way to extend that. A facebook business page is a great way to draw people to your business but as most people in this industry start off contacting their warm market your personal profile is also a good thing to use. I don't mean constantly telling everyone to 'like your business page' or posting about products etc. but use your personal profile to comment where relevant, get into conversations with people, help them or recommend your product or business when appropriate. Interaction on facebook is key so asking questions and learning about those people you are connected with as well as those on your business page.
  • Don't just sell- Whether you are promoting products or services don't spam pages/groups with 'sales' posts. This is very annoying and I know if I see a page I've 'liked' regularly posting 'buy this' or 'special offer' or similar sales posts I've ended up unliking the page as I'm just not interested. If you're posting from a personal page 1 in 4 posts should be business related and maybe every other of those a sales pitch. If you're posting from a business page you need to be posting at least every day but again not all posts should be sales based.
  • Know what time to post- Are you looking for mums at home or jaded executives to look at your business? What I mean is look at your target audience and what time they use facebook. Chances are unhappy office workers are not going to be on facebook much throughout the day as they will be at the office. Mums on the other hand may well be online during that time. You can do your own market research into this by taking a couple of weeks to test out different posts at different times and see which get the best responses. If you're looking for a range of different people make sure your posts are relevant to those that will see them at that time.

I hope you've found those pointers helpful and enjoyed reading this blog. I have also recorded a training on this subject in which I spoke to an audience of 90 network marketing professionals, it went well and i've now been asked by the same group to give that talk four times. 

If you would like to know more or would like to find out how I can help you grow your business using facebook you can book me for a facebook mentoring session by CLICKING HERE.