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Polycystic ovaries syndrome - My Story

I've started to discuss a different topic or condition on my facebook retail page each day now and it was deciding topics for that that made me think about this blog. One day last week I decided to choose fertility and conception as a topic. This topic needs to be handled delicately but is something I'm passionate about. I've had my share of problems in this area and if the chance arises through my work I'd love to help as many people as possible.

So when I was contacted by a Maternity councillor who asked me how I could help her clients it got me thinking. I didn't just want to send her a list of products that could help with certain conditions. I wanted to really look into how I could help individuals in what can be a very stressful or traumatic time for them. 

It got me thinking about my story and how it might help others. As a woman who's suffered 5 miscarriages including 1 at 23 weeks before having 2 children I know how hard it is to want a child and feel like the world is against you. 

From the age of about 16 it became clear to me that my periods were far from regular. I was young and didn't really understand what that meant except for I didn't really have to deal with a period each month which at a young age was a bit of a bonus. 

I had my 1st miscarriage at 18 and it destroyed my world. My relationship broke down and I felt like it was my fault. I was told I was depressed by my doctor and prescribed anti depressants. A couple of years after that I fell pregnant again and although I was scared I was happy, but it was short-lived as at around 23 weeks I had to deliver a stillborn baby. I hadn't told any of my family I was pregnant as I didn't want anyone knowing in case anything should happen, I felt again like it was my fault. I fell pregnant quickly after this and lost the baby again. This time my friends and family knew about it. As I'd had a scare 2 weeks before the miscarriage and ended up in hospital overnight, I was spotting but they sent me home the next day saying it was nothing. I spotted for 2 weeks but it got heavier and heavier and I took myself back in. I had an ultrasound and I was delivered the painful news once more. I went through stages of depression and was on and off anti- depressants but if I'm honest I never felt depressed more stressed and rundown. I went on to have 2 more miscarriages and decided enoughs enough and gave up trying.

At 24 (so still quite young) I met my husband and when we found out I was pregnant I was filled with the same feelings of excitement, horror and dread. I'm pleased to say this time everything went well and we had a beautiful baby girl, Mackenzie, 2 years later we went on to have a second child, Billy. 

It was shortly after Billy was born that I went back to the doctors. Instead of losing baby weight I seemed to be putting it on yet I was eating healthily. I was also having hot flushes, I actually told the doctor I thought I was on the menopause. He looked at me like I was crazy until I told him I was serious ad they were that bad. I was nearly passing out on a daily basis and it was a standard joke with my friends that they would all be in winter coats with the heating on yet I wouldn't even be wearing a cardigan! The doctor looked at my history and asked how I was feeling in myself. I told him the truth I felt low and down, not depressed but something wasn't right. It was then he told me he thought I had polycystic ovaries and booked me in for blood tests and gave me a print out of what PCOS was all about. It had taken 15 years for someone to actually listen to me and realise what was wrong with me rather than tell me I was 'depressed' and push me to have anti-depressants.

If I'm honest at first when I thought about PCOS to me meant trouble conceiving and as I'd got 2 children and wasn't planning on anymore I could cope with that, but then when I read the information sheet when I got home I cried. It explained so many things that I hadn't even realised were wrong with me. It also scared me looking at all the other things that could happen. 
Common symptoms are:

  • irregular periods or no periods at all
  • problems getting pregnant (because of irregular ovulation or failure to ovulate)
  • excessive hair growth (hirsutism)
  • weight gain
  • thinning hair and hair loss
  • oily skin or acne

In my head I was going down the list ticking the boxes, things where starting to make sense. I went for tests and it was confirmed as PCOS. I wasn't depressed, this feeling was a side effect to PCOS.

There are many more symptoms and conditions that PCOS can lead to. To find out more go to the NHS choices page 

The doctor offered me medication that might help control some of the symptoms but after reading some of the side effects I decided to explore other avenues. It was around this time I'd decided to start working from home around my children alongside a company called Forever living products. I was using the products myself so looked into products that might be suitable for PCOS. I was amazed at the support and advice from colleagues. I'm not saying don't take medication, I'm just saying for me, personally I wanted to look at natural items.

As I wanted to lose weight but had been unsuccessful with other programmes. I decided to do the 9 day detox, this involved lots of Aloe Vera to cleanse my body and put it back into balance. I was amazed that within just 9 days I'd lost 10lbs and felt better than I had done in ages. I wasn't tired and had tons of energy thanks to the bee pollen in the programme. The amazing thing was during my detox I had to have blood tests again and the results came back as showing no symptoms of PCOS, so they were redone after the detox and guess what the symptoms were back! This built my belief in the products and couldn't believe this would help my symptoms decrease. I continued on the maintenance programme and continued to lose weight I dropped 2 dress sizes that month and was really smiling.

I continue on the drinking gel and bee pollen and have added royal jelly and absorbent c to my daily supplements as these all help with the hot flushes, bad moods and low energy. My periods although not monthly they are much more frequent than the 1 a year I was having and my hot flushes have reduced as well, and I definitely know if I've not taken my products as they return.

I'm not looking to have anymore children but if I was I'd also be taking the multi maca supplement forever offers as I've heard some great testimonials about how this has helped people get their body ready to conceive and help with the process. There's nothing better than seeing a happy client or customer and hearing the words 'I'm pregnant' 

I'm happy to discuss my story, PCOS and the products, and anyone who has any questions please feel free to contact me through the contact form on the website.