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Kam was a facebook friend of my husbands and got in touch with me recently about the 9 day detox I offer. After a series of inbox messages about the how, what and why (and there was some very funny messages being thrown back and forth!) we arranged a one to one consultation in a coffee shop, a big ask when she'd told me she was a caffeine addict and was going to struggle without a coffee! I told her to ween herself down from whatever she was on now to as little as possible by the time we met. 

Kam was 12 stone 4lbs when we met and went to the gym 5 times a week but in her words "ate cake after cake" and was addicted to sugar and coffee.We met for the consultation and Kam happily came on board and also decided to quit smoking at the same time.


"I started my nine day detox today Stacey was right I have been far from hungry if anything have been sleeping a lot however I'm not sure this is all the detox and could be lifestyle factors because I hadn't had a proper day off for three weeks ! I feel very proud of myself today and am looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings thanks Stacey :))) I must be full of toxins! Suffering today slightly which I wasn't expecting on the 1st day, I thought day 2 would be the worst I was bracing myself for day 2! I didn't feel hungry but had a sea salt bath and felt funny so had a lie down. By the way the aloe drinking gel is gross going to hit the sack now and hopefully feel better tomorrow!"


"well it's day two of detox and yesterday I won't lie I felt like I had flu but today even though it's only day two leaped out of bed at 6am ! I feel today may be hardest for hunger and ESP as I'm at work for 24 hours this is very stressful :( today will be the hardest day :( but I'm a very determined girl! Weigh in tomorrow and day three :)"


"Wow today is the start of day three I won't lie day two was without a doubt the hardest for hunger and cravings however just after two days I've lost 3 pounds and 4 inches all over!"

"Get this I really didn't want my meal today- yesterday I was really looking forward to it as you know I really wanted a pack of cheesy crisps but I didn't I was good! Then come this evening when I could eat I didn't want it, I wasn't hungry. At least I know I've had literally a thorough detox as i've definately been regular and I smell of Aloe Vera too! Sorry if thats to much detail, it sounds awful. I must admit despite suffering (probably my own fault for being unhealthy) this detox is awesome. I think I'm going to do this every 6 months now. When I was younger I was really unhealthy now look at me detoxs and sea salt baths I've also cut the medication I was on in half by doing this detox, I've had no hip pains since doing this detox which is amazing and it's great for my skin!"

"I'm definately going to look into the follow on programme once I'm back from my holiday. I've gone from it taking me 30 minutes to drink each sitting of aloe to just gulping it down. Right I'm off for my sea salt bath to help this detox along. OMG my bath was brown, you wouldn't believe how brown. Question for you the more you detox does it get easier each time? especially if you stick to being quite healthy? (yes). I'm off to eat now but I'm not hungry"


"Day five and am actually starting to feel awesome brain fog clearing :) and feel happier and positive I was naughty and did I sneaky weigh in at home and I've lost 5 pounds so far ! So happy I think I actually may achieve being under 12 stone which was my goal :)"

"I'm doing bizarre things that I wouldn't normally do like wanting to clean and sort things out I'm assuming my energy is kicking in, feeling a lot better today. I'm a clean freak anyway but its given me so much energy"


"Well it's day six and I'm feeling great :) I bounced awake at 6 am no headache or lethargy :) weighed self so far have lost 6 pound, I'm down to 11 stone 13lbs and nearly ten inches all over my body :) next three days I'm being super good :)"


"Well it's day seven and I'm feeling pretty good. Body had every detox symptom going through the process but I have to say clean 9 is awesome I feel like the bin men have been and collected all the rubbish :) I managed Zumba twice this weekend and have bags of energy without needing coffee. I'm impressed thanks Stacey :)

"For all you none believers or people still contemplating the clean 9 I wanted to post this to show real results . I am in day seven I have had regular sea salt baths to help the detoxification process and was shocked to discover what is coming out of me! This is day seven and all that was in this bath was hot water and sea salt. This was what came outta me after 40 mins! Scary stuff so the clean 9 really does work and I think everyone should try it :) . I am a convert its well worth the money :) and watching the process is amazing (and no I didn't roll around in mud before hand). Definately going to do this every few months"


"I'm on day 8 of cleanse and finally feel awesome like a Duracell bunny . Without a doubt I will be doing clean 9 at least twice a year from now onwards good luck everyone wanting to do it, stick to it- if I can do it anyone can. My family said they can see i've lost weigh. Thankyou I feel ace, it's been worth it. And I haven't smoked 9 days now. I'm at work for last time over next two days have a 24 hour shift, this will be my biggest challenge after that holiday woohoo. I've recommended this programme to so many people. I still have several products left shall I do an extra day? (YES)"


"Well it's day nine for me and despite me carrying on for a day or so after to finish my products I weighed and measured self. I have lost half a stone in nine days and a whopping 16 inches all over I'm shocked and impressed thankyou Stacey for being there. I feel great I've got loads and loads of energy and I feel really happy and positive I was feeling sluggish, needed about five coffees just to get out of bed and had no energy at all. I feel like a different person. I gave up a lot during detox and I go gym quite a lot I thought I'd breeze through but I didn't I had every detox symptom going just my luck, but today feel great I can notice every little change in my body too it's really made me listen to it.

DAY 11

"Well today I finished my detox it ended up being 11 days but now that the pmt bloat has gone I've lost a whopping 9 pounds :) I'm so pleased I will be doing clean nine regularly I feel great good luck to all It really does work :) thanks Stacey xxxx

Kam loved the detox programme that much she's now looking into the business as feels she's ready for a change and feels so passionate about the programme. 
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