Stacey calder


How to use Hashtags on Social Media

More and more social media platforms are now supporting Hashtags which is great news for businesses everywhere including small businesses and sole traders. I'm sure even if you don't feel very clued up when it comes to social media you will have in fact noticed hashtags on a daily basis. They are featured on T.V shows such as #TheVoiceUK or #BGT to name a couple of very popular ones, brands are also using them at the end of adverts and celebrities are using them so the public can follow their appearances. Hashtags are a great way to get people involved in a conversation and for people/businesses to monitor a topic.

So how can Hashtags help your business? They can be used to promote products, recruit team/staff, brand awareness, competitions and campaigns. You can ask people their opinions on a topic and have all the feedback easily found in one place. Hashtag campaigns like social media platforms are of course FREE which means they are open to anyone with any budget or no budget! However I think they are the same as most things- you get out what you put in! If you promote your hashtag campaigns well you will reap the rewards more than if you use a hashtag once and expect it to go worldwide. You don't have to create your own but it's easier to keep track of those relevant to you if you do. I use Hashtags everyday in my business on Twitter and am really pleased they've moved onto Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms.


My tops tips for using Hashtags are:

  • Promote it heavily- Feature the hashtag on all your printing and other media channels and talk about it when talking about your business. Create a buzz around it and get others talking about it to. Make sure everyone in your business/company knows about it and are happy and confident to promote it.
  • Create Hashtags around an event, theme or something in the press- This could be a competition based on a national event. For example with the World Cup coming up you might create a competition based on this and choose a relevant Hashtag.
  • Give people an incentive to take part- Make it interactive for people and give them a reason to want to get involved in your campaign. This is why competitions work so well with Hashtags and it doesn't have to be a big prize giveaway. The more interactive it is for people the less you actually have to post as you will have people interacting with themselves. Imagine several customers discussing how great your customer service was or one of your products without you even getting involved. Third party approval gains you much more credibility than you saying how great it is yourself.
  • Keep them catchy- You want people to remember the Hashtag so keep it short and sweet. Remember to check the Hashtag before using it as you don't want to end up with people laughing at you because you meant something but it read something else too (do you remember the Susan Boyle one? her PR company really should have noticed that!).

    The best way to get to grips with Hashtags on social media is to get out there and experiment. Try them out and see what works for your business. Happy Hashtags!