Stacey calder


Gem Personalities Workshop - Stratford Upon Avon

When I saw the Networking Mummies UK LTD event Gem Personality Workshop I was intrigued and decided to book as it sounded like a bit of fun. It was definitely that but so much more. We were a small group which meant easier interaction and there were a few ladies I had not met before so was great to make some new connections. Stacey Calder led the workshop and began by getting us to do a quiz to discover which personality type we fell in to. This seemed straightforward at first but initiated lots of discussions.

Eventually after some more tea, and lots of “that’s definitely me!” or “Is that me, I’m not sure” and “I’m so confused now!!!” we came to a conclusion of our main personality type. As the workshop title suggests each of these personality types is named after a gemstone. This was not a crystal workshop as one attendee had thought!!

Then Stacey started to list the characteristic traits of each personality and a few people started to change their minds about which type they were.  The size of the group meant people were not afraidto be honest so it felt very meaningful. For me personally it was very revealing, I was finding out many things about myself and how I interact with others which is a huge step forward for my business as interactions with others is the main component of my everyday life.

So something I thought would be just a bit of fun, has really heightened my senses in dealing with others. I would definitely recommend trying this session out. Self Improvement Workshops are so worth the investment and I would like to thank Networking Mummies for providing us with these opportunities at an affordable price.

By Sonal Sonecha