Stacey calder


Do you dismiss things before you know what they really entail?

Do you dismiss things before you know what they really entail?

In my business I've come across negativity towards what I do, it's not uncommon, people I work alongside and people who coach me have experienced it to but I felt the need to write about it after a recent incident with my partners work colleagues.

Many people are quick to tell me they are not interested in what I do or don't believe I can help them get what they are looking for financially. I understand that not everything can be for everyone but what I find frustrating is when they tell me this without even knowing what I'm offering.

Do people know what you do? Do they take the time to ask? Or listen when in a conversation? It amazes me how people react towards self-employed people. When I'm asked what I do I simply respond by saying that I help people have their own micro businesses flexibly around other commitments. That actually doesn't give much away does it? Doesn't tell them what industry I'm involved in or how I help people do that. Yet they are quick to dismiss what I offer as a scam or nonsense, and at time that can be hurtful, especially when it comes from those closest to you. The people you expect support and understanding from are often those that are negative towards what you are doing. Most of the time they are doing this to protect you or stop you from being disappointed when it doesn't work out, but really by offering their support they'd be helping you much more. I call these people neg ferrets but others have different names for them such as dream stealers, dream catchers and so on. Who do you know that rather than lights up the room has everyone avoiding them at a party or perhaps your one of these neg ferrets yourself? Do you know what your missing out on by not being open to the possibilities?

I hear so often people say I never had a chance, or I never got an opportunity well I truly believe if you take a look at what I do then you have been offered a lifeline, an opportunity, not just any opportunity but the best opportunity. Do you feel that passionately about your 'job' unless your self-employed I'm guessing you don't. It takes a certain type of person to bite the bullet and start their own business and this should be celebrated not sneered at. What if Richard Branson or Sir Alan Sugar had just been happy to find a job? imagine where all their staff would be now if they'd not bothered to create their businesses! And that's all I do offer people work, but its on their terms. A micro business from home with no stock, staff or premises to worry about and no big start-up costs. I have 2 businesses. 1 with over 30 frontline team and another with 17 branches in the UK yet still my father asks me when I'm going to get a job. My answer to him is why would I want one when I've listened to him moan about his for the last 30 years, watched him get made redundant and stress about pensions and savings but sometimes I wish he'd just pat me on the back for a job well done!

People I've considered friends, colleagues and lately my partners colleagues have told me I'm stupid, it's a scam all the negative things. My real friends know it's not all about me, it's for me and my family and for the 100's of other friends and families I can help along the way. To those people who say it can't be done or I won't succeed I say..... WATCH THIS SPACE!