Stacey calder


A confident 60 second pitch

Last week I held a small workshop for 3 ladies all wanting to work on their 60 second business stories. I love holding small workshops as it means we can interact and spend more time on the tasks involved. This task is key to getting your business out there, making the first right impression and taking every opportunity possible without seeming like a pushy sales person.

Obviously being co-owner of Networking Mummies UK LTD I do these pitches regularly at networking events but also within The Lifestyle group I have had to develop my business story into a strong pitch for use within networking events and at head office business presentations when I let people looking at the business know what it has given me. I've also coached many of my team to be able to give these pitches. Whilst at a Networking Mummies event in Coventry last month it became apparent that there was several business mums there who did not feel confident standing up and talking about there business, and this gave me the idea for this workshop. Infact it was some of the ladies from this very meeting that booked on.

The workshop started by everyone introducing themselves, great for me to hear what they were already saying about themselves and their businesses. We spoke for a bit about each others businesses and why they all did what they did. I wanted to get them speaking freely and put ideas into their heads that the could use on their pitches. We looked at where you would use a pitch, the obvious being a networking event but also using one when someone asks "what do you do?" We had a great assortment of business- A life casting expert, an educational toys business partner and a wellness consultant.

We covered what should be said to engage the audience and knowing when to stop and how to close. We also discussed using strong words and hot buttons to get people thinking instead of weak words that dont engage with the audience. We also spoke about how make people think 'I want to know more' and the pro's and cons of using company names (especially if it's a franchise or network marketing company).

Once we discussed what should do into the pitch I asked them to write the script to their own pitch, writing what they thought would be 1 minute long. Each person wrote a great pitch but all came in under 1 minute, which they worried about. I explained not to worry as each sounded great and actually once they did it without the script they would see it would become longer. Next we went from scripts to bullet points and re-timed the pitch, all were longer but still under 1 minute, perfect. You don't want to be the one that goes on and on and you can get a lot of info out in 1 minute. I then gave them a couple of confidence boosting techniques to use before actually starting their business stories.

The look of panic struck a couple of faces when I said practise in the mirror then record yourself on your phone or Ipad and asked if anyone wanted to do that there and then, it would give them practise, but I also said I would pop them on the facebook page as a way of promoting their business too. Two out of three were a little nervous but one did it with a little persuasion and it was fantastic. I told them all to practise in the car on the way home and I can't wait to see them at a future networking event feeling more confident about their turn in the hotseat.

"What a great event this was! Glad I came, we all had a giggle! Thanks Stacey Calder, I was practicing my pitch in car on way home whilst music playing, Just so as when I'm in a busy room I can be heard! " Sarah.

"It was such a fan-sodding-tastic workshop just sorry i can't stop talking lol" Louise.

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