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50 Shades of Bee Pollen

Product testimonials are so important in my business so while I was sat at a training yesterday I was trying to think of a way I could give my testimonial without my colleagues realising it was actually a personal one. Unfortunately if you know me you’ll know that I’m not one to shy away from telling stories so unfortunately for Mr Calder he was named and shamed so to speak and by writing this blog I’ll be doing the same again now!

My husband will tell you himself he’s not the happiest of people, a typical grumpy old man if you like. Honestly he could moan about having nothing to moan at. It’s a standard joke amongst our friends and family that we get on best when we are in other ends of the house. Even the kids will tell you that he’s “like grumpy from snow white”. He’s constantly run down and lethargic and quite often I’ve told him in the past he should take Bee Pollen regularly. In fairness to him he has taken it previously but only one or 2 tablets a day and not on a regular basis. Things got really bad last month and he went to the doctor who actually diagnosed severe depression. It was then I insisted on him taking the Bee pollen as I’d remembered they were a natural anti-depressant aswell as a natural energy boost, in fact they are affectionately known in our team as legal speed. He started taking several more than he had previously. They are water soluble so out of your system in 4 hours, to be honest I didn’t realise just how many he was taking so when he said around 12 a day I was a little shocked- you only take 6 a day on a full body detox! But he’s a big bloke so I suppose 12 was appropriate for him.

At first I didn’t really notice a change but it was when my friends started commenting that I took more notice. My friend commented that he was ‘unnervingly’ nice and asked me what was up with him; someone commented he’d called me ‘hun’ and ‘darling’ in the same day rather than the usual short not so nice remarks. But what I really noticed (hence the title) was the change in him at night.

I confess I am one of these ladies that have been totally hooked on the 50 shades trilogy by EL James and much to Mr Calder’s annoyance my nose is in the book every night and the topic of conversation with the girls are normally on the book or the delightful Mr Grey. Mr Calder is not a fan and doesn’t really want to know what it’s about since he went for dinner at his mums and she informed him his wife was reading “that porn book!” It’s not porn but it is exciting and gets a girl thinking about many things- this however is not the reason that my husband spent 2 nights on the sofa last week. It wasn’t because of an argument either. Truth was the bee pollen had had a side effect on him that neither of us had heard about; he literally couldn’t keep his hands to himself! It was getting on for early hours of the morning and he’ll tell you himself I was not amused at being woken up every 5 minutes from ‘wondering hands’ in the end I think I shouted at him so much he got up and confessed that he wasn’t going to leave me alone if he stayed in bed so would sleep downstairs, this literally happened for 2 nights, he swears even the dog was winking at him! Now we have several products I recommend for people that want help in this department but I have to say after seeing the effects myself I shall certainly recommend the Bee Pollen as well. He’s cut it down to about 8 a day now so we are now getting sleep and he does not have to sleep on the sofa. With all this talk about who would play Christian Grey in the film I was beginning to wonder that Mr Calder wanted to audition.

There has been much talk about a 50 shades baby boom next year because of the increased activity the books are creating if this is combined with men on Bee Pollen I reckon we could definitely see an increase in 50 shades babies.

Mr Calder went back to the doctor last week, 1 month after he’d first gone. The doctor did the same tests on him and said there was a massive improvement in his answers and she could see a change in him. I strongly believe this has been helped massively by the Bee Pollen tablets. I know also that I’ve got my own Christian Grey back!

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